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Georgie may refer to:


  • Georgie Born (b. 1955), British musician and academic
  • Georgie Davis (b. 1969), artist name of the Dutch singer Kees Rietveld
  • Georgie Jessel (1898–1981), American actor and comedian
  • George Pocheptsov (b. 1992), commonly referred to as "Georgie", an American painter, draughtsman and entrepreneur
  • Georgie Denbrough, a fictional character from Stephen King's novel It

In art[edit]

  • Georgie, a 1944 children's picture book written and illustrated by Robert Bright
  • Georgie!, a 1982–84 manga series written by Mann Izawa and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi
  • Georgie (film), a 2019 short fan film based on the It miniseries

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